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Specialty Motion Teams

We love the classic camera setups but we really love setups that involve special equipment such as a jib, car mount, or a cinema robot!
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Our team of specialized technicians and operators can provide unique shots to your production with the use of our cinema robot! We have partnered with studios in Los Angeles so we can provide location, crew, and the equipment all in one package.

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Our drone team featuring Part 107 FAA Certified pilots paired with experienced gimbal operators are sure to get the shot you need whether it's a FPV or Heavylift drone. 


Ever see a really cool moving low angle shot that is stabilized and moving quick enough to keep up with runners and cars? Well, we have a solution to get that shot with our one of a kind R/C Car Team.


A lot of our setups require a cohesive competent team to work together and we pride ourselves on our chemistry and experience

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Overhead shots, 360 shots, and sweeping shots are just a few that you can achieve with our jib equipment and team. Our jib features our Movi Pro or Ronin 2 as a gimbal head.


From experienced drivers who can keep the camera car smooth to operators that can track the subject expertly, our fully customized camera car and team is the solution. 

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So many classic and iconic shots in our favorite films were achieved by a steadicam and a talented operator. Our team of steadicam operators have all the experience and equipment necessary to show up and get that iconic shot.


We can't forget about the tried and true classic setups ranging from tripods and shoulder rigs to sliders and dollies. We have all the crew and gear necessary for those setups to be executed.

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